by Fire Academy

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Recorded in Alex's living room July 2012

Nick- Guitar
Tegler- Guitar
Reid- Drums
Alex- Bass/Vocals
Mark- Vocals


released July 19, 2012



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Fire Academy Iowa


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Track Name: Lack Thereof
The days | we'd play | are gone,
rather sit inside our heads. (then speak our hearts},
Locked away | behind doors | speaking in tounges,
always worried | of love, regreat, and the lack thereof.
I hear the people around me lose themselves.
we've heard the people around us lose themselves.
Drawn so deep by the want of flesh.
I watched this family tree burn.
It burned so bright.
Track Name: Navigator
Through the night, look to the sky.
All we'd seen, where satelites.
The sun is gone, we bid farwell.
Through the night, we set flames,
sang the songs, We use to sing.
walked the routes, we use to know.
Hand in hand.
As the fires burn out the night
we know that some day it will end.
Never forget the times now lad!
The years we'd been all you had!
Track Name: Haunting Noir
They are in every dark corner | watching you | between the cracks | they laugh.
As time and again you failed | a worthless dried hide.
Pills will not cure | the things that haunt your dreams my dear.
Never forget | the memories made.
take the pain away. for a rainy day. take it all away.
Your world is undone.
Whisper softly, and don't turn around.
They yern for your corpse in moon light..
Soon there will be light in this room.
No matter what, Just keep smiling.